About us

Wakefield District Conservatives is a friendly and active Association, open to everyone who identifies with the values of Conservatism and who lives within the Wakefield or Hemsworth constituencies.

As part of the Conservative Party, we support and promote the work the government is doing in turning around the economy, sorting out the deficit, remodelling health and education to make them more responsive to the needs of patients and students, reforming benefits to make work pay, and standing up for Britain’s interests.

Together with our colleagues in Morley & Outwood and Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford constituencies we are working hard to hold the Labour administration on Wakefield Council to account for their inefficiency, their protection of their special interests, their excessive and unnecessary cuts and their failure to tackle the economic underperformance of parts of the district.

The Conservatives have a small but growing group of councillors – please get in touch if you would like to help them campaign or if you would like to stand for election as a Conservative yourself.

The Association has several branches for those interested in being involved at a more local level.

It’s not all politics though.  Wakefield Conservatives organises several social events a year, both through the branches and at Association level, from quiz nights to barbecues to dinners to hearing guest speakers.  We aim to make membership fun and interesting as well as being in support of a good cause.

I hope you find the site interesting and useful.  I hope even more that the Conservatives can offer you a political home and that we can work together to improve our city, villages, district and country.

David Herdson
Chairman, Wakefield Conservatives