They support Nadeem Ahmed to become MP for Wakefield, do you?


"I’m  concerned  that a Remain  Labour MP could  open up the old  arguments if they  got elected. We  need to get on with  the job locally.” Martin Shearman, Bretton "I have been  let down  by our Labour  council, and so  I will be voting  Conservative to  make sure our area  has a hard-working  representative.” Helen Young, WakefieldDr Hayat Supporting Nadeem Ahmed

"I lent the Conservatives my vote  in 2019 and since then they  have been  getting on  with the  job. That is  why I’ll be  backing them  again at this  election.” Rodney Brooks, Wakefield



"Wakefield was neglected for  too long by Labour MPs. I’m  not sure another Labour MP could get  the benefits for  our area that a  Conservative  MP working with  the Government  will." Barbara Wright, Wakefield"I will  vote  Conservative  because they  are reliable,  motivated,  and have  the vision  to improve  Wakefield.” Sadiq Darwood, Ossett Ryan Stephenson supports Nadeem AhmedDavid Jones Supporting Nadeem AhmedJack Brereton, MP out with Nadeem AhmedVictoria Prentis MP + Nadeem Ahmed visit a local dairy farm